Israel’s Celebration of Mind, October 21st 2015

Israel’s Celebration of Mind is held at the Davidson Institute of Science Education, the educational wing of the world-renowned Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.

Leading mathematicians, puzzlers and magicians gather informally around tables in the special atmosphere of the Institute’s unique “Smadar” coffee shop to exchange gifts, puzzles and magic – from 17:00 pm onwards.

At 8:00 pm a short lecture will given by Dr. Yossi Elran on Martin Gardner’s many contributions to math, science and science education.

At 9:00 pm We will host an online – “Puzzles in 2 minutes” – multi-national competition. Each country selects a team who is invited to present to the other countries a riddle, puzzle or logic challenge which is essentially solvable within 2 minutes. The winning country will be recognised at the upcoming Gathering 4 Gardner and presented with a “token” prize of recognition. More details will be posted closer to the event.

You might want to enjoy some of the challenges we put together for Martin Gardners centennial CoM event during Israel’s national recreational math, puzzles and games conference…

Davidson Institute of Science Education