Garrett County, MD – Celebration of Mind

On the evening of October 21st, a group of friends will gather to learn about Martin Gardner, explore some of his favorite puzzles, and share a few of their own favorites.

Before the Event:

Bring to the Event:

  • Your favorite puzzle, brainteaser, optical illusion, magic trick, or even clever word play. Anything Martin Gardner might have enjoyed.
  • Optional – A dish, snack or dessert item to share. Bonus points for science/math themed (ex. Pi Pie)

The Plan:

  • Eat dinner!
  • Discuss Martin Gardner and his impact on the fields of: recreational mathematics, magic, skepticism, and science.
  • Try out Gardner-esque puzzles and activities (provided and led by Katie LaSeur).
  • Show & Tell: Share your favorite puzzle, brainteaser, etc. with the group.

RSVP to Katie LaSeur:


913 Sam Friend Rd, Accident, MD 21520