Celebration of Mind Party in Auckland, New Zealand

Since 2010,  like minded and enthusiasts from all over the world get together, meet and join in on the fun of exchanging ideas, problems, puzzles, magic, games and all other things that give you the  “Aha!” moment. In sum, to celebrate what Martin Gardner worked on and his memory, by doing so. This is what we call a Celebration of Mind (CoM).

The Celebration of Mind – Parties aim to make it easier for people to meet and are an addition to several hundred Celebration of Mind events already hosted individually around the world in schools, bars, libraries, museums, shopping malls and many other places. Like all CoM events, these are get-together tailored by the people who attend them.

They are a great opportunity to bridge the time between the biennial Gathering 4 Gardner meetings, get to know the G4G community, and become part of it.

We created a a poll to organize the CoM Parties. Introduce people to each other, find the ideal location and date for your CoM Party. More here (https://goo.gl/forms/n7QqzzSH9lK0uSX73 )

Auckland, New Zealand