Celebration of Mind

Oct. 20 and 21, 2018, at Ye Olde Gamery at Maryland Renaissance Festival, thousands of visitors can see and play our mathematical recreations and learn about Martin Gardner and his life and writings. We host the Celebration of Mind every year at this venue, with different themes. This year our theme is “When are you?” Using a humorous time travel story, we’ll show and play Martin Gardner’s “Game of Solomon” and “Lewis Carroll’s Chess Wordgame”, made by Kadon Enterprises, Inc. Customers will receive a copy of the time travel story written by Kate Jones, including also the tale of Archimedes’ Square. Imagine traveling in a time machine to meet Archimedes, King Solomon, and Lewis Carroll. Dr. When (a cousin of Dr. Who) has this fabulous 4-dimensional time machine, and he takes Kate to meet these famous historical persons. And in the meantime visitors can explore all our other original puzzles and games and buy them, too. Come see us and the whole wonderful Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD.

1821 Crownsville Rd., Maryland, 21032