Celebration of Mind 2016 – A Renaissance of Puzzle Art

A special weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival is dedicated to the Celebration of Mind honoring Martin Gardner (1914-2010) on his birthday, one of dozens of such Celebrations around the globe. Hundreds of visitors can explore, learn about, and play with puzzles developed and made by Kadon Enterprises, Inc. as inspired by Martin’s 75 years of writings on mathematical recreations.

An exhibition of 150 original mathematical recreations in Ye Olde Gamery pavilion at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Thousands of visitors can explore and play with combinatorial puzzles and abstract strategy games developed and crafted by Kadon since 1979, inspired by the writings of Martin Gardner.  Visitors also receive a souvenir about Celebrations of Mind and Martin Gardner. This event is always held on the last weekend of the 9-week Renaissance Festival, where Ye Olde Gamery represents the intellectual side and the rebirth of art and math and science in the 16th century. Our crew dresses in period costume and affects Renaissance speech. A new Shakespearean-style catalog printed on parchment is also on hand. Visitors can also purchase the puzzles and games that most appeal to them.

1821 Crownsville Rd., Maryland, 21032

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Celebration of Mind 2016 – A Renaissance of Puzzle Art