Carthage Celebration of Mind: Curiouser & Curiouser!

The Psi Chi Honors Society and the Department of Psychological Science are pleased to present the 5th annual Martin Gardner Celebration of Mind at Carthage.

Every year in late October, people around the world gather to honor the legacy of magician, mathematician, skeptic, puzzler, Lewis Carroll scholar, and science writer, Martin Gardner. This year’s Celebration of Mind will explore curiosity through the experiences of a pair of successful Carthage alumnae, magician Jan Rose and mathematician Kathryn Nyman.

The event will begin with brief presentations by Jan Rose, Kathryn Nyman, and magician Peter Boie on topics related to Martin Gardner and will culminate with a set of hands-on demonstrations of magic, puzzles, and optical illusions. Following the Celebration of Mind at 8:00pm, Peter Boie will present his show, “Summoning Spirits,” in the Student Union Auditorium!

2001 Alford Park Drive