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Bloom & Farrell at Celebration of Mind, Butler UniversityButler University’s (Indianapolis, IN) Fall honors class is on “Martin Gardner” (the third such). The Celebration of the Mind will be on Oct. 19 from 12:30-3pm. We open the class to invited visitors in celebration and expect about 50 people in all.

Theme and Content: We will have magic, puzzles and games for all with cake, etc.

Wrap Up: 50 or so persons eventually attended – ages ranging form 9 years old to 79.

Professor Farrell standing – “Start of the Affair” – discussing the magic squares on the frosting of the cakes

The youngest puzzler

Puzzle Cake #1

Puzzle Cake #2

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Bloom & Farrell at Celebration of Mind, Butler University
4600 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46208

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Butler University CoM