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Virtual Celebration of Mind 2020

This year is the 10th anniversary of Celebration of Mind!
Gathering 4 Gardner is hosting a virtual Celebration of Mind and we are inviting everyone who loves Alice in Wonderland, brainteasers, puzzles, the math of fiber arts, paper fun, skepticism, and magic of all types to join us.


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Celebration of Mind events bring people of all ages together to share and delight in playing with puzzles, games, math and magic. As Martin Gardner said, you can learn more when you’re in a state of entrancement and that’s our guiding principle.

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Large and small, formal and informal, CoM events are happening around the world. We’ve seen puzzles on the patio, sleight of hand stage magic, recreational math in retirement homes and backyard bagel parties—look for a celebration you can join!

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Can’t find a CoM event near you? Get on our map by hosting one of your own! A perfect time of year is around Martin Gardner’s birthday (Oct 21st), but celebrations can happen any time. We make it easy with plenty of ideas and free resources.

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Need help planning your event? We have a growing list of resources including puzzles, games, magic tricks, illusions and crafts that are free to download and use. We also have a list of talented presenters who are happy to enliven your CoM event.

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Semi-Magic Squares

Semi-magic squares are thought of as matrices in this arithmetic exploration. Split up a a shuffled deck of cards to create a magic-square out of playing cards with additional challenges. Submitted by: James Tanton Time Required: 30 minutes You’ll Need: paper, pencil,...

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2017 Theme for CoM: ’17 Prime

What's the 2017 Theme? The theme for this year's Celebration of Mind is '17 Prime. Have any great ideas for puzzles, games or magic tricks that feature squares? Send them to celebrationofmind@gmail.com and we'll share them with our hosts!

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Christmas Crackers with Math Riddles

Submitted by Belinda Keir Christmas crackers (also called bon bons) are an essential part of everyone’s Christmas table in the UK and also in most Australian homes, so currently they are everywhere in the shops. I like to make my own and will create a batch for the...

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2018 Celebration of Mind

View our events from around the globe as CoM 2018 approaches!