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Anyone who loves puzzles, math, Lewis Carroll, critical thinking, and/or intellectual challenges is invited to participate in an event in their area, or to consider hosting an event of their own.

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We encourage children of all ages to use puzzles, games, math, and magic to delight, instruct, and bring people together in a spirit of fun.

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7 Continents

Large and small, formal and informal, past Celebrations on all seven continents have ranged from puzzles on the patio to sleight of hand at the Magic Castle, recreational math in the classroom, and interesting conversations in retirement homes.

Free Resources

All of our resources are free to help your event! Download, share, and enjoy. Celebration of Mind now offers a growing repository of resources, tantalizing paths and surprising intersections for all.

2016 is Our 7th Year!

Begun in 2010 with worldwide events that presented challenging activities and thought-provoking presentations in honor of the late Martin Gardner.

Puzzles & Games

We use puzzles, games, and magic to delight, instruct, and bring people together in a spirit of fun, both at annual gatherings and as a year-round repository of resources. As Martin Gardner said, you can learn more when you’re in a state of entrancement, and that’s our guiding principle.

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2016 Theme for CoM: ’16 Square

What’s the 2016 Theme? The theme for this year’s Celebration of Mind is ’16 Square. Have any great ideas for puzzles, games or magic tricks that feature squares? Send them to celebrationofmind@gmail.com and we’ll share them with our...

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Thoughts on Celebration of Mind (CoM)

Martin Gardner is celebrated yearly around the world. Thousands of people join in at schools, science centers, museums, coffee shops, etc. to share mathematical activities. Yes, we are talking about mathematics! Why do people gather to spend a few hours doing...

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Collaboration with 52 Master Pieces Project

G4G is pleased to announce our collaboration with the 52 Master Pieces project. Presented by David Cohen at the G4G12 conference, 52 Master Pieces is a free online puzzle contest designed to inspire creative thinking in a uniquely fun and original way. The contest is...

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Israel Celebration of Mind

Honoring Martin Gardner’s 101st Birthday Israel’s Celebration of Mind took place at Café Smadar on the campus of the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Davidson Institute of Science Education organized the event. Close to ‘101’ recreational math and puzzle enthusiasts...

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Gathering for Gardner Beijing 2015

The Gathering for Gardner Beijing was held at Report Center of the Capital Educational University in 17th of October, 2015. Many people from different careers came to give a talk during the event. Martin Gardner was an American popular mathematics and popular...

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Multi-National Puzzle Competition

Dear Celebration of Mind hosts, In honor of Martin Gardner’s 101st birthday and the 6th Celebration of Mind, we will be holding, once again, an online ‘Google Hangout’ multi-national puzzle competition on October 21st at 14:00 EST.    Last year,...

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2016 Celebration of Mind

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