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Anyone who loves puzzles, math, Lewis Carroll, critical thinking, and/or intellectual challenges is invited to participate in an event in their area, or to consider hosting an event of their own.

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52 Master Pieces

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with 52 Master Pieces Project!

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We encourage children of all ages to use puzzles, games, math, and magic to delight, instruct, and bring people together in a spirit of fun.

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7 Continents

Large and small, formal and informal, past Celebrations on all seven continents have ranged from puzzles on the patio to sleight of hand at the Magic Castle, recreational math in the classroom, and interesting conversations in retirement homes.

Free Resources

All of our resources are free to help your event! Download, share, and enjoy. Celebration of Mind now offers a growing repository of resources, tantalizing paths and surprising intersections for anybody who’s ever wondered, What happens if I do this? …. And then, Why did it do that?

2015 will be our 6th year!

Begun in 2010 with worldwide events that presented challenging activities and thought-provoking presentations in honor of the late Martin Gardner.

We use puzzles, games, and magic to delight, instruct, and bring people together in a spirit of fun, both at annual gatherings and as a year-round repository of resources. As Martin Gardner said, you can learn more when you’re in a state of entrancement, and that’s our guiding principle.

Collaboration with 52 Master Pieces project

G4G is pleased to announce our collaboration with the 52 Master Pieces project. Presented by David Cohen at the G4G12 conference, 52 Master Pieces is a free online puzzle contest designed to inspire creative thinking in a uniquely fun and original way. The contest is scheduled to begin on May 20, 2016, and a sneak peak of the website is available at 52masterpieces.com. 100% of proceeds from volunteer donations will be given to the Gathering for Gardner Foundation. We hope you will join us in supporting this project! Please visit startsomegood.com/52mp to learn...

Israel celebration of mind

Honoring Martin Gardner’s 101st Birthday Israel’s Celebration of Mind took place at Café Smadar on the campus of the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Davidson Institute of Science Education organized the event. Close to ‘101’ recreational math and puzzle enthusiasts participated and shared their passion in an informal atmosphere, despite the tight security situation. Participants challenged each other with mechanical puzzles, logic puzzles, magic, workshops and more. A unique paper folding method was presented with participants constructing beautiful ‘semicircle’ Platonic and Archimedean Solids. Yossi Elran opened the second part of the evening with a lecture on Lewis Carroll’s lifework, demonstrating the rationale behind his logic games, and challenging the audience with word puzzles from “Alice in Wonderland”. Then, the National “Puzzles in two minutes” competition was announced. For more than 2 hours, participants interacted with the audience presenting and solving various puzzles and riddles and sharing ambigrams and word games. Among the presenters were several young ‘whizz’ kids. The event ended with a taste for more and was highlighted in several media including Israel radio. We are all looking forward the next puzzles event: the Recreational Math, Puzzles and Games Conference in the Clore Garden of Science, at the Weizmann Institute of Science on the 26th of May...

Gathering for Gardner Beijing 2015

The Gathering for Gardner Beijing was held at Report Center of the Capital Educational University in 17th of October, 2015. Many people from different careers came to give a talk during the event. Martin Gardner was an American popular mathematics and popular science writer. He was best known for creating and sustaining general interest in recreational mathematics through his Scientific American “Mathematical Games” columns. “Gathering for Gardner” were held every year after 2010 when Martin passed away. Just like last year, the event took place at Report Center of the Capital Educational University. There’re some small exhibition and puzzle selling outside of the center. Some puzzles from the exhibition. Chang Fangyuan is one of the main organizer of the event. She was busy working at the day. Joiner signing in. Great structure of the Report Center. M.C, Mr Chen Danyang. We had hundreds of joiner on that day. “Important members introduction” taking place. I didn’t take good pics because I was not standing in a good position. So lot’s of pics were taken from back. My apoligize… Chairman of Capital Educational University speaking. The hall Chen Danyang and Kang. Mr Yu junxiong, the chairman of Beijing toy association, was giving an introduction. Event Organizer Peter Rasmussen and Zhang Wei speaking, they brought a nice gift to all joiners. Fangyuan was called to the stage. Peter and Wei appreciate her very much for doing all the works. Peter holding Fangyuan’s hand tight. Wu yuanyuan was called to the stage too, he is another main event producer Both “yuanyuan” speaking on the stage Zhang Wei thanks agin for all people coming After the introduction there...

Multi-National Puzzle Competition

Dear Celebration of Mind hosts, In honor of Martin Gardner’s 101st birthday and the 6th Celebration of Mind, we will be holding, once again, an online ‘Google Hangout’ multi-national puzzle competition on October 21st at 14:00 EST. Last year, there was a great ‘duel’ between the Portuguese ‘Ludos’ team and the Israeli team from the Davidson Institute – and we hope that many more teams will join the fun! The idea is to have each team challenge the others with puzzles that should be, in principle, solvable within about a minute – so no heavy Olympiad stuff that requires linear algebra ;-). Each team can consist of as many people as they wish, with one representative that presents the puzzles to the other teams. Each team should have ready up to 5 puzzles, though there is no guarantee that all will be used. We will be coordinating the puzzle competition from Israel, so if you are in for the game, assemble a team and send an email (celebrationofmind@gmail.com) expressing your wish to join in and we will send you further instructions. Best Wishes, Yossi   Instructions: The Online CoM Team Puzzle Challenge – ONE TIME – ALL OVER THE WORLD!   World times: 18:00 GMT/UTC, 11:00 PDT (i.e. Los Angeles), 14:00 EDT (i.e. New York), 19:00 BST/WST  (i.e. London), 21:00 IDT  (i.e. Tel Aviv), 5:00 AEDT (i.e. Sydney [sorry Aussies…])     1 – Email yossi.elran@weizmann.ac.il expressing your wish to participate in the competition   2 – Gather some puzzle enthusiasts and prepare about 5 puzzles that can be solved, in principle, within a couple of minutes. Make them quite hard, but not impossible…   3 – A few days before the competition you will be sent...

Israel’s Celebration of Mind Event is on the map!

Israel was one of our first international countries that took part in Celebration of Mind. The events have been going strong every year, hosting hundreds of participants that flock from all over the country to Rehovot, a small “university” town just south of Tel Aviv. The celebrations are held every year at the Weizmann Institute of Science, a leading scientific research and graduate studies center, and organised by its educational arm – the Davidson Institute of Science Education. The Institute is well-known for its many recreational math activities, aimed at getting young and old excited, intrigued and curious about math and creating as many “Aha!” moments as possible. Many international “G4G” figures have participated in our different initiatives, delivering presentations and workshops, including Solomon Golomb, Aviezri Fraenkel, Bob Friedhoffer, Lior Manor and, most recently, Ann Schwartz who delivered a series of workshops on flexagons. Activities, among others, include the (English, Hebrew and Arabic) Math-by-Mail  and Science-by-Mail Online recreational math courses for kids, the national recreational math, puzzles and games conference held annually the last week in May, and of course the October 21st Celebration of Mind. Last year, a first-time live online international competition was held during the event and was a great success. Portugal and Israel duelled and challenged each other with 2-minute puzzles. This year, we hope many more countries will sign up and join the competition that will be held at 14:00 EST (21:00 Israel time). More information will be posted closer to the event. The 2015 celebration is now on the map! Have you registered your...

Genius At Play – 20% off for All Hosts

Thanks to the publisher & author of “Genius At Play,” anyone who signs up to host a Celebration of Mind event will be able to receive this book for 20% off at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any online partner retailer! Be sure to hurry to sign up soon, this offer expires October 20, 2015! Follow these instructions to receive the promotion code: 1) Register your 2015 event (even if you do not know the exact venue/time/etc, we allow you to put only your city, state and country!) 2) Email vky.g4g AT gmail DOT com with the subject line “Genius At Play” We will verify that you’ve registered for 2015 and send you the promotional code. (At this time, we’re still implementing our membership tools. We hope to make this process easier within the next few weeks.) For more on Genius at Play:  An inadvertently authorized biography. “Conway is a creative genius.”—Martin Gardner Truly an unabashed original, John Horton Conway is Archimedes, Mick Jagger, Salvador Dali, and Richard Feynman all rolled into one—a singular mathematician, with a rock star’s charisma, a slyly bent sense of humor, a polymath’s promiscuous curiosity, and a compulsion to explain everything about the world to everyone in it. Born in Liverpool in 1937, Conway found fame as a barefoot Cambridge professor. He discovered the Conway groups in mathematical symmetry and invented the aptly named surreal numbers, as well as the cult classic Game of Life. More than a cool fad, Life demonstrates how simplicity generates complexity; it provides an analogy for all mathematics and the entire universe. Moving to Princeton in 1987, as a mathemagician of sorts...

National Math Festival

Come experience the many facets of Celebration of Mind! Cut, color, fold, and glue mathematical illusions, discover the many faces of a flexagon, and construct surprising shapes out of mobius strips. Play with hands-on puzzles and solve problems created by the Julia Robinson Math Festival. Come see Colm Mulcahy, professor of mathematics at Spelman College, demonstrate classic mathematical magic principles with a deck of cards, as popularized by Martin Gardner’s writings. It’s truly amazing how mathematics, not sleight of hand, makes possible magical miracles involving prediction and mind reading. Engage in some interesting board games and learn some of the mathematics which underlies their strategies. One of these games is Amazons, in which each of two players controls several pieces. Each Amazon moves around the board like a chess queen and then shoots an arrow which destroys the square on which it lands. The winner is the player whose opponent is first unable to move. Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival will present a wide range of intriguing problems, puzzles, and games to share the joy of math with students of all ages. Participants can select a problem they find interesting, and work together with their friends or helpful adults to discover a solution — or unexpected results. Younger kids may find themselves particularly drawn to such hands-on activities as Space Chips and ThinkFun’s Chocolate Fix, while older students will appreciate the depth and complexity of problems like Difference Engine and Building Blocks. Location: Smithsonian’s Ripley Center, Discovery Theater. LOCATION: Smithsonian’s Ripley Center DATE: April 18, 2015 TIME: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Sponsored By: ELWYN & JENNIFER BERLEKAMP...

2015's 6th Celebration of Mind

We are thrilled to have had over 115 Celebration of Minds in 2014! Thank you for all your support.

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