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Anyone who loves puzzles, math, Lewis Carroll, critical thinking, and/or intellectual challenges is invited to participate in an event in their area, or to consider hosting an event of their own.
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Need a little help with planning your Celebration of Mind? Head to our resources page to see all the fun things you can download for free to use at your celebration.

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We encourage adults and children of all ages to use puzzles, games, math, and magic to delight, instruct, and bring people together in a spirit of fun and curiosity.

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7 Continents

Large and small, formal and informal, past Celebrations on all seven continents have ranged from puzzles on the patio to sleight of hand stage magic, from math in classrooms to conversations in retirement homes.

Free Resources

Our resources are free to download and enjoy at your CoM event! Celebration of Mind now offers a growing repository of resources, tantalizing paths and surprising intersections for everyone.

2017 is Our 8th Year!

Begun in 2010 with worldwide events that presented challenging activities and thought-provoking presentations in honor of the late Martin Gardner.

Puzzles & Games

We use puzzles, games, and magic to delight, instruct, and bring people together in a spirit of fun. As Martin Gardner said, you can learn more when you’re in a state of entrancement, and that’s our guiding principle.

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Christmas Crackers with Math Riddles

Submitted by Belinda Keir Christmas crackers (also called bon bons) are an essential part of everyone’s Christmas table in the UK and also in most Australian homes, so currently they are everywhere in the shops. I like to make my own and will create a batch for the...

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One Member’s Take on MathsJam

Submitted by Belinda Keir MathsJam is a world-wide movement where people get together for a social evening to share and solve mathematical games and puzzles. If you are looking for your local MathsJam they will be the group of noisy people at your local pub, usually...

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CoM Featured in NYT Numberplay Blog!

Gary Antonick has created or edited over 100 logic and math puzzles for The New York Times. He is a visiting scholar at Stanford University, where he studies mathematical problem solving. He is also the author of the New York Times Numberplay blog, and gave a talk on...

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Richard Guy 100th Birthday Collection

Beloved mathematician, Richard K Guy, turned 100 on Friday, September 30th. Many friends and fans put together tributes to mark this very special occasion. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites: Richard K. Guy Turns 100 – by Colm Mulcahy, MAA "Richard K. Guy has...

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2016 Theme for CoM: ’16 Square

What's the 2016 Theme? The theme for this year's Celebration of Mind is '16 Square. Have any great ideas for puzzles, games or magic tricks that feature squares? Send them to celebrationofmind@gmail.com and we'll share them with our...

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A Better Mousetrap

A Better Mousetrap is three-part topological effect from Magician Michael Weber, in which part of a 5×7 index card seems to magically pass from one side of a spectator’s hand to the other, while their eyes are closed! How to...

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